Monday, October 16, 2006

U.S. House Financial Reports

CANDIDATE NAMEDISTRaisedSpentCash on HandDate of Last Report
BRADY, ROBERT A1$558,180 $466,461 $837,631 9/30/2006
GERLACH, JIM6$2,865,469 $1,813,873 $1,201,495 9/30/2006
MURPHY, LOIS6$2,766,891 $1,930,417 $873,074 9/30/2006
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL G8$2,480,867 $2,260,539 $446,038 9/30/2006
MURPHY, PATRICK J8$1,614,968 $982,949 $632.019 9/30/2006
WELDON, CURTIS W.7$2,306,687 $1,485,960 $1,129,268 9/30/2006
Sestak, Joe7$2,312,779 $750,907 $1,561,872 9/30.2006
CARNEY, CHRISTOPHER10$868,442 $585,726 $271,907 9/30/2006
SHERWOOD, DONALD L.10$1,489,376 $1,257,196 $436,093 9/30/2006
IREY, DIANA12$563,689 $406,396 $157,292 9/30/2006
MURTHA, JOHN P MR.12$2,566,294 $2,189,737 $1,210,178 9/30/2006
BHAKTA, RAJ PETER13$400,259 $352,470 $47,789 9/30/2006
SCHWARTZ, ALLYSON13$2,466,286 $1,766,174 $724,644 9/30/2006


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