Thursday, July 13, 2006

No "Race Card" Here

I'm not sure but I strongly suspect you have little or no history living in NE Philly.

As a 58 year resident of the NE, I can relate strongly to Bhakta's point and as far as the "race card" goes, it seems you have plucked that from the deck.

Bhakta's point about rising crime rates are right on target and any resident who knows the NE will tell you that it has seen a rapid decline in recent years.

Section 8 housing and absentee landlords bringing renters to neighborhoods which were previously occupied with home OWNERS has been a major contributor to this decline.

These folks (regardless of race) are far more likely to "not value the safety, cleanliness and civic mindedness" than the long time homeowners.

I realize that the liberal solution is to give everything away to those who are "underprivileged" but this practice has never been successful anywhere in the World, let alone in Philadelphia.

John Street has declared war on the NE by his lack of concern for the area, as far as city services (exemplified by his strong support of closing the NE branch of City Hall).

To make an issue of a "typo", John White vs Ron White, is a childish liberal cheap shot (a crook is a crook whether John or Ron) .

Obviously if Allyson Schwartz supports the Street administration, she is supporting widespread, rampant corruption, regardless of the names mentioned.

No concerned, honest citizen should ever cast a vote for someone who has supported a Mayor who should be in jail alongside his "pay to play" buddies.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of Raj Bhakta and I think that is a real positive thing for this once great City.

The scandal ridden Democratic machine will probably be too strong for Bhakta to defeat this November, but his future is bright among hard working, responsible voters.

Let's hope for Philadelphia's sake, we've heard the last of John Street and his political supporters come November.

Denny Hannigan


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