Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Giant Whooshing Sound

Why is it wrong for anyone besides African-Americans to play the race card in politics?

John Street said the brothers and sisters are running the city and barely a peep is heard. All of you apologists in the media say he was misunderstood. No he wasn't.

He has a lingering hatred for white people that he just cannot hide.

He has helped to wage war on the Northeast by implementing his NTI in North Philadelphia.

He has given free reign to developers there and in the process has displaced the population, largely African-American, and forced their move into Northeast Philadelphia.

While everyone is whistling by the graveyard downtown, saying property values are soaring, life is great, we here in the Northeast are preparing to leave our city.

Why? Because for the longest time, we were the only neighborhood worth a damn and due to the fact we have jobs and obligations, we haven't been able to organize and protest the fact that we get short shrift of city services. We could stand that. We took that as just a fact of life.

Now we're being inundated with the people displaced from North Philadelphia who move here, steal our children's toys, bikes, our lawn ornaments/furniture and threaten our well being and safety.

So that whoosh you hear will be all of us leaving, the cherished and irreplaceable middle-class, if we don't get someone like Raj to represent our needs.

Thanks for reading my comments,

Mike Ulrich.


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