Monday, June 12, 2006

Jay Poole - Yardley, Pa.


Not permitting a mayor to make laws that contravene the state's constitution should be held inviolate, and not championed. The state is more than just Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I live in Yardley, Bucks County...and guess what? We are awash in firearms up here! I was out shooting yesterday, and there were 3 AR-15's, 1 M1A, and at least a dozen handguns...between 4 people. Why don't we have the same gun violence problem up here?

Oh yeah...because it has nothing to do with guns! It is a CULTURAL problem, brought about by liberal, social engineers, who have decimated the Black and Latino cultures in our urban areas. They have ruined the family unit (allowing the state to provide), promoted welfare as an acceptable way of making a living (allowing the state to provide), removed all personal responsibility for one's actions (the culture of victimization), and then they blame their self-inflicted/city endorsed problems on inanimate objects (the culture of blame)...the same inanimate objects that, when present in a different culture just a few miles away, cause no such problems. And with almost half of the murders being suicides, maybe it just says that Philadelphia is just a depressing place to live...probably because of the stuff I just referenced! Amazing.

One cannot assign agency to an inanimate object. A gun must be loaded and wielded by an individual, and it is with that individual that the responsibility lies. I don't hear you liberal journalists call for banning or limiting access to doctors (who kill 80,000+ patients a year via medical misadventures), or alcohol (which is a scourge on families when misused), or a bunch of other things (I have a list somewhere) that kill a lot of people.

No, go after our state's constitution, that will solve the problem...NOT! And as for the support in the suburbs to contravene our state's constitution, I don't see you getting it. Too many people are wise the corrupt nature of Philadelphia (ever dealt with the Convention Center, Traffic Court, Procurement, etc?), and understand that these problems don't exist in the burbs because we don't allow them to exist, not because of how many guns we buy or how many guns we own, but because of how we choose to live our lives!

I look forward to seeing who opposes your anti-gun schemes next week...because they'll each be getting a check and a letter of appreciation that they believe in upholding our state's constitution.

Jep Poole,
Yardley, PA
Tel. 215-295-6868


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